Fresh Anchovies in Backing Tin Italian Recipe

Tortiera di Alici is a traditional Italian dish typical of Naples, Campania region, where every family has its recipe. The Anchovies in a baking tin or tortiera di Alici is a simple, tasty, and low-cost dish prepared with fresh anchovies. Alici or anchovies, like all bluefish, are rich in omega-three and calcium and are one of the most loved fish by consumers, suitable for many preparations in the kitchen. They’re saltwater fish (Engraulis encrasicolus) living in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean Anchovies are small, silvery fish and one of the most sustainable seafood choices with great nutritional properties. Excellent for health, thanks to the content of noble proteins, omega 3, B vitamins, and vitamins E and D that help the functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems. The body has excellent beneficial qualities from strengthening the immune system, anti-aging cellular, and anti-cholesterol. Anchovies contain minerals, mainly selenium (which promotes thyroid function) and calcium (fundamental for bone and tooth health), phosphorus (useful for cellular renewal), potassium, iodine, and iron. Anchovies or anchovies are economical and practical food.

For our Alici in Tortiera or Anchovies in a baking tin, we used a frying pan with olive oil, oregano, mint leaves, garlic, and small red onion, then blended with a bit of white vinegar.

Here is our Recipe for Fresh Anchovies in a baking tin


500 grams of fresh anchovies

2 Small red wings, onions

(You can use any other red onion or shallots)



2-3 mint leaves

Olive Oil

White vinegar

Salt at test



  • The first thing first is that then you need to clean the anchovies by removing the head and interiors.

  • Cut the tiny red wings, onions, and mint leaves into small pieces.

  • Put the oil and the finely chopped Small red wings and onions into the 🍳 frying pan, and add the finely chopped mint leaves. Next, add the garlic, cut it into fine slices or if you’re not a fan of garlic but like the flavor, leave the glove whole as we did.

  • After that, place the clean anchovies in the pan, then add a little oregano and vinegar. The vinegar needs to cover in half the anchovies.


  • Cover with a lid and let it cook for 10 minutes.


  • Then remove the lid and cook for another 10 minutes. Mix occasionally.


  • And voile- Our anchovies are ready to be enjoyed in and in the baking tin.


The anchovies in a baking tin can be served as a cold appetizer or accompanied by a green salad that turns them into a tasty main dish.

I enjoy the anchovies in a baking tin accompanied by a glass of cold Italian white wine.


Buon appetito 😊


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