Homemade limoncello Recipe


Homemade limoncello


When life gives you a lemon, make limoncello. 😉

The birthplace of limoncello is Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Limoncello is well known all over the world.

If you have not heard of Sorrento,

this is a town in southern Italy with irresistible cuisine,

a fabulous landscape of crystal blue sea, and rocky shores with houses ❤

Limoncello is a type of Italian liqueur, the basis of which is a lemon.

 Wikipedia – Limoncello (Italian pronunciation: [limonˈtʃɛlːo])

is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy,

especially in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula

, and the coast of Amalfi, and islands of Procida, Ischia, and Capri.[1]

In northern Italy, the liqueur is often referred to instead as the limousine.

It is also a popular homemade liqueur. Limoncello is made by soaking

the lemon zests in neutral grain alcohol. Traditionally,

limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons,

also known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons.[3][5] Lemon zest,

or peels without the pith, is steeped in rectified spirit until the oil is released.

The resulting yellow liquid is then mixed with simple syrup.

Varying the sugar-to-water ratio and the temperature affects the clarity,

viscosity, and flavor. Opaque limoncellos are the result

of spontaneous emulsification (otherwise known as the ouzo effect)

of the sugar syrup and extracted lemon oils.

Limoncello is the second most popular liqueur in Italy

after Campari[5] and has recently[when?]

become popular all over the world. (Wikipedia information)

Limoncello can also be used in confectionery,

can be included in the ingredients of many desserts.

Check this out  Sorrento Lemons


Give a look here on how to grow your own lemon tree http://happydiyhome.com



Here in Sorrento, every family has its own special recipe

for homemade limoncello. Here is Giovanna’s recipe

for an authentic limoncello from Sorrento.

Her recipe is passed down from generation to generation and

is very easy to implement; I will tell you why:

Because unlike the other recipes you will find on the internet,

the aging time of our limoncello is only 20 days.

So, if you’ve ever had a desire to make limoncello,

but the long aging period has cost you boring,

this is your recipe for a magically delicious homemade Limoncello 😉

Necessary products for 2,500l limoncello:

1l. Of Grain alcohol

 (you can also use vodka in case you do not find pure alcohol)

1,500 liters Water

1,100 grams Zakhar

8 lemons (bio)

Big jar with sealed tap


How to prepare:

Wash the lemons thoroughly, removing any contaminants from the zest.

Remove the zest from the lemons in long, wide strips.

( I only the yellow part of the bark, except the white one.)

Pour the pure alcohol into the jar and add the lemon peel to it.


Let the mixture stand like this for 3 whole days.


On the 3rd day, bring to a boil 1,500l of water and 1,100g sugar.

Cook until the sugar melts well into the water.

Allow the syrup to cool down.



Already chilled, add the syrup to the alcohol and lemon peel.

Mix well.

After 3-4 hours, strain the limoncello and pour it into bottles,

which are closed well.

Let it stay in the dark for 20 days.

N.B. Usually, the already ready limoncello can be consumed immediately; it is enough to be well chilled. But for best taste,

it is recommended to rest for at least 20 days.

IMPORTANT: No essences or fragrances are added. Lemon zest is enough.

Sipping limoncello at the end of dinner is so much part of

the tradition of the Italian household. Usually,

limoncello and other Italian liqueurs are used for drinking after a meal,

as you need something to digest your food.


Here is an idea for a sexy cocktail with a breath of summer:

a mixture of limoncello with champagne.

Cheers 🥂








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