How to make Homemade limoncello Italian Recipe

“When life gives you a lemon, make Limoncello. “

Sorrento, where Limoncello was born, is a magical spot on the Sorrentine Peninsula. This famous Italian drink is loved all around the world. And if you haven’t heard of Sorrento, it’s a charming town in southern Italy with amazing food, stunning views of the deep blue sea, and houses that make your heart smile! ❤️

Limoncello is a type of Italian liqueur, the basis of which is lemons.

Limoncello, the Italian Dazzler, is a captivating liqueur that swirls the sunny spirit of lemons into every delightful drop.

Limoncello is used in confectionery as an ingredient in many desserts. Check here, Sorrento Lemons.

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In Sorrento, each family treasures its unique recipe for homemade Limoncello, and today, I’m excited to share Giovanna’s authentic version. Passed down through generations, this recipe is rich in tradition and remarkably simple to follow. What sets Giovanna’s Limoncello apart from others you may find online is its shorter aging time of just 20 days. If the thought of a lengthy waiting period has deterred you from crafting your Limoncello, consider this your ticket to a delightfully swift and enchantingly delicious homemade experience.
If waiting a long time has made you hesitate to whip up your Limoncello, think of this as your chance for a speedy, tasty, homemade thrill!

Ingredients for 2.5 liters of Limoncello:

  • 1 liter of grain alcohol (or you can opt for 100% or 80% proof vodka)

  • 1,500 milliliters of water

  • 1,100 grams of sugar (Trim the sugar to 500 grams and the water to 600 milliliters for a lighter version.)

  • Eight unwaxed organic lemons

  • Large jar with a sealed tap

N.B. If you choose to use vodka instead of grain alcohol, it’s essential to tweak the sugar-water ratio. For example, consider using 500 grams of sugar dissolved in 500 milliliters of water.


  • Wash the lemons well, removing any dirt from the outer layer.

  • Then, peel off the yellow part of the lemon skin in long strips, leaving out the white part.

  • Pour the alcohol into the jar and add the lemon peels.

  • Let the mix sit for three whole days.

  • On day three, boil 1,500 grams of water and 1,100 grams of sugar.

  • Cook until the sugar dissolves smoothly into the water, and let the syrup cool down.

  • After thoroughly cooling, blend the syrup with the alcohol and lemon peels and stir well.

  • After 3-4 hours, filter out the Limoncello and carefully pour it into tightly sealed bottles.

  • Allow it to settle in a dark place for at least 20 days.

  • Note: Although Limoncello is typically enjoyable when well-chilled right away, it is recommended to rest for at least 20 days for the best taste experience.

  • IMPORTANT: No need for essences or fragrances; the lemon zest provides all the flavor.

Frozen Home made Limoncello
Frozen Limoncello

Indulging in Limoncello after a meal is a cherished tradition in Italian households. These exquisite Italian liqueurs are often sipped after dinner, offering a delightful touch to aid in the digestion of a delicious feast.

Crafting a tantalizingly sexy cocktail with a touch of summer allure is simple:

  • Combine a shot of Limoncello with champagne in a flute and savor the enchantment of summer nights. Cheers!




Svetlana Hristova

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