Roasted Artichokes Neapolitan recipe

Roasted Artichokes Neapolitan recipe



We had entered into the Artichoke season,

The season of fragrant fog and smells of Neapolitan cuisine.

Roasted artichokes are a typical Sunday dish.

From Neapolitan cuisine around the Easter period.

Roasted artichokes are the scent of Sundays in Campania.

Roasted artichokes are simple, fragrant, tasty, and quick to prepare.

The artichoke is a vegetable rich in potassium,

And mineral salts and is also decorated for the liver.


Here’s Giovanna’s way on how to prepare roasted artichokes:



Artichokes (we usually do one each)


Garlic attest

Olive Oil

Salt attests


How to prepare:


Shorten the artichoke stem, gently spread the leaves in the center,

And washed them well.

Put to drain the artichokes already washed with the head down.

After that, fill the heart with salt, whole garlic cloves, chopped parsley,

And Evo Oil (if you like garlic, stuff the artichokes with chopped garlic).

Tighten each artichoke to close the leaves well.

Put the artichokes on the grill.

And cover them with a lid or a silver paper and baking tray.


You have to check the cooking.

It takes as long as it takes until the lower parts and outer leaves get darken,

Which you will take out once they are ready.


Roasted artichokes are perfect as an accompaniment to meat or eaten just like this.



Buon Appetito 😊


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