Struffoli Recipe or Neapolitan Christmas Honney balls recipe

Struffoli Recipe


Neapolitan Christmas Honney Balls Recipe



Struffoli or Honney Balls

are ancient Christmas treats from the Campania region.

Struffoli is a typical Neapolitan Christmas dessert.

The Struffoli are small dough balls,

crunchy on the outside and light inside, caramelized with honey.

“Struffolo,” the name derives from the verb “rub,”

which is the movement made when you roll the dough

before slicing it into small pieces.

They are perfect for giving for Christmas

and a must-have at Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch.

And like any traditional recipe, there are several versions.

Here is Giovanna’s recipe for Neapolitan Christmas Struffoli and knuckles:


300 g flour

Two eggs

Two seed oil eggshells* (this is the measure Joan uses to measure oil)

One tablespoon lard

One tablespoon aniseed liqueur

One pinch of salt

One tablespoon sugar

Zest of one lemon

Frying Oil


For the syrup:

Zest of a mandarin

Zest of a lemon

250ml honey

Two tablespoons sugar

Mandarin peel, cut into small pieces

A splash of aniseed liquor

For dressing the Honney balls:

Colored sprinkles

Candied cherries


How to prepare the Struffoli:

Make a fountain of flour, in the middle of which

you do well for the rest of the ingredients



Then slowly incorporating the flour into the well by hand

as you beat the eggs and the other liquid ingredients with a fork.


Work the mixture until you get a smooth dough,

form it into a ball and wrap it in a plastic wrap.


Let it rest for a good 30 minutes or so.


After passing the rest period,

detach small portions and form wires about 7-8 mm in diameter.


Cut into small dumplings and long strips so you can make a ribbon.


Fry them in hot oil until golden.

Let it drain over a paper towel.


For the syrup

In a saucepan, heat honey,

sugar zest of a mandarin and a lemon, and a splash of aniseed liquor.


When liquefied, lower the heat to a minimum and soak the Struffoli,

turning them well.

After that, with a slotted spoon,

remove them from the honey and arrange them nicely on a plate.




Decorate the Struffoli with colored sugar sprinkles and Candied cherries.


Buon Appetito 😊





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