Caribbean Cruise Style Guide: What to Wear on Your Cruise Vacation

Embarking on a Caribbean cruise is a thrilling adventure, not just for the stunning destinations but also for the diverse experiences onboard. And part of the excitement lies in preparing the perfect wardrobe for every occasion that awaits you on this luxurious voyage.

As you pack your suitcase, envision the various settings you’ll encounter – from basking under the Caribbean sun to savoring fine dining experiences under starlit skies.

Daytime Attire: During days spent on board a cruise ship, especially when not exploring ports of call, comfort and versatility in clothing choices are crucial.

Here’s a suggested wardrobe for your days at sea: Casual and Comfortable Attire: call for Easy, breezy dresses or rompers that are effortless and comfortable for daytime wear. Lightweight shorts paired with T-shirts, tank tops, or breathable blouses offer relaxed comfort. Comfortable jeans or casual pants are versatile for various activities onboard.

Beach and Pool activities: Picture yourself strolling along the ship’s deck or the sandy shores of vibrant islands clad in your favorite swimsuit or bikini, complemented by a breezy beach dress or a sarong that billows with the ocean breeze. Don’t forget those comfortable flip-flops or sandals, essential companions for seaside escapades. Having two different types of swimsuits, like a one-piece and a two-piece, offers practical advantages and versatility:

A one-piece swimsuit often provides more coverage and support, suitable for activities like swimming laps and water sports or when you prefer a more modest Attire. A two-piece swimsuit offers versatility and comfort, ideal for sunbathing, lounging, or engaging in less strenuous water activities.

Swimwear covers can serve multiple purposes: rash guards or cover-ups offer added protection against sun rays, and they provide modesty when transitioning from the pool or beach to other cruise ship areas. They can also provide comfort and coverage when you’re not actively swimming.

Ultimately, choosing between a one-piece, two-piece, and swimwear covers on a cruise depends on personal comfort, style preferences, the range of activities planned, and the need for varying levels of coverage or protection in different settings. Cruises encompass various environments, from onboard pools to other beach destinations. Having both types of swimsuits allows for adaptation to diverse settings or activities during the trip; this way, you can choose styles based on mood, comfort, or the occasion.

Sun Protection: But amid the sun-soaked days, protection is paramount. Your wide-brimmed hat offers a stylish shield from the sun’s rays, while your UV-protective sunglasses ensure both glamour and safeguarding for your eyes. And, of course, your high SPF sunscreen stands as a steadfast companion, protecting your skin during endless hours of fun.

This is me and my must have hat on Ocean Cay Island, Bahamas
This is me and my must-have hat on Ocean Cay Island, Bahamas

Sports Attire: For those seeking adventure, your well-worn sneakers and sportswear eagerly await their chance. Whether navigating the ship’s gym or venturing into the lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls at port stops, these items promise comfort and readiness for every thrilling moment.

Evening attire: As twilight falls upon the ship, the ambiance changes. The balmy Caribbean evenings invite a touch of sophistication. A delicate shawl or Pashmina, draped elegantly around your shoulders, becomes both a fashion statement and a shield against the evening’s subtle chill. Your casual evening attire exudes relaxed refinement, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

Special Evening and Restaurant Dining: Ah, but the nights of luxury! The gala evenings are a highlight, a chance to shimmer and shine in your most splendid Attire. Picture yourself stepping into the grandeur of the ship’s ballroom, adorned in your finest – a flowing gown that captures the essence of the sea or a suit and tie that exudes timeless Elegance. And amidst this glamour, dining onboard beckons. Your Attire strikes the perfect balance – a touch dressier than daytime casual wear but not as formal as the grand galas. Imagine indulging in exquisite cuisine dressed in your evening’s best, adding a touch of Elegance to each dining experience.

Gala nights are a chance to shimmer in your finest. Consider maxi dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, dressy blouses with tailored trousers, or wrap dresses for women paired with comfortable-heeled sandals or dressy flats for functional yet stylish wear. Men can opt for dress shirts with chinos, blazers, polo shirts with dress pants, or loafers.

When selecting functional evening wear, prioritize comfort while ensuring your outfits reflect your style and cater to various onboard activities and dining experiences.

Functional Considerations: Prioritize breathable, wrinkle-resistant materials and versatile accessories that elevate outfits without occupying luggage space.

Essential Packing Tips: Pack mix-and-match versatile pieces to create different outfits easily.

Cultural Sensitivity: When on board the cruise ship or ashore, you should always consider respectful dressing, addressing the importance of respecting local customs and dress codes in different Caribbean destinations, especially when visiting religious sites or local communities.

As your cruise unfolds, each outfit becomes a part of your story, reflecting not just style but also the anticipation and excitement of every moment spent exploring the Caribbean’s treasures, both on land and at sea.

Enjoy your cruise vacation,


Svetlana Hristova

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