DIY TNT Piñata for Minecraft-themed kid’s birthday party

Last year I threw my kid-themed parties based on Paw Patrol and Sonic, but this year, there was one obvious choice: Minecraft and the key to a great kids’ party is the Piñata. If you host a Minecraft party, you will want this TNT Piñata; it is super simple to make and will cost you less than 10 euros.

To make the Minecraft TNT Piñata, you will need these supplies:

Medium size square cardboard box

Four Red crepes paper rolls


Transparent Scotch

One roll of white crepe paper

Lots of treats and small goodies to refill the Piñata

Let’s go:

  • The first thing first is to choose the size of your TNT Piñata. The box you will use should be from soft card paper. The cartoon must be robust enough to contain the goodies and treats and, at the same time, be easy to break.

  • Then, cut the red and the white crepe paper into 5-cm or 2-inch strips, then cut only the red strips into fringes. The quantity of crepe paper you need will depend on the dimension of your card box.

  • Make fringes by cutting each strip almost to the top. Leave about 1 cm of clearance to adhere them to the box. Start dressing up your box with the red fringes stripes by attaching them with the scotch to the box. Make one strip at a time, leaving the first strip at the bottom of the box. Let the fringe wrap the corners to the middle of the box wall to ensure you don’t go any gaps and look good when you attach them. Layer each strip on top of the next, overlapping just enough not to leave any gaps. Repeat to complete all four sides of the box.

  • Then do the top and the bottom of the box. Finally, leave a hole at the top, which you will use to refill the TNT Piñata with treats and small goodies.

  • Then download Minecraft fonts from here, print TNT signs, cut the size you need, and then glue them to the box.

  • Cut the white strips in half and fix them to the four corners underneath the box. Mix them with red and white crepe strips to create more volume.

  • At last, refill your TNT Piñata with small goodies and treats, and add hangers.

  • Then, hang the Piñata with a solid cord in the best and safe place where the kids will enjoy and have fun while breaking it.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful Minecraft party!



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