What is fashionable this Spring Summer 2021

It’s been a year since COVID came into our lives and has changed everything and everyone around us. During lockdowns, the fashion trends tried to keep up the level. Even though the most popular outfit remained Homeware (pajamas, joggers, and leggings), all fashion houses had inserted into their seasonal collection’s Homeware from sophisticated models and delicate fabrics to simple and accessible models. This blog post will show you the fashion trends and colors for the spring-summer season of 2021.

What are the current spring-summer 2021 color trends according to my favorite Panton?


The source used is Pinterest.


Let’s discover the meanings of these colors:



Marigold: A comforting golden orange-infused Yellow lends a warming presence.





Cerulean: The color of the sky on a serene. Crystal clear day.





Rust: An earth-inspired brown emblematic of Autumn leaves uncharacteristic of a spring palette.





Illuminating: Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.





French Blue: A stirring blue hue that awakens a vision of Paris in the springtime.





Green Ash: Faded Denim, a relatable and dependable blue, conveys comfort and ease.





Burnt coral: Inviting Burnt Coral expresses.






Mint: Tasty mint refreshes and restores.





Amethyst Orchid: the floral shaded amethyst orchid touches a unique touch.




Raspberry sorbet: vivifying Raspberry Sorbet tantalizes.





And the Classics:

Inkwell: An intense blackened blue.




Ultimate Grey: Quietly assuring and reliable gray, encouraging composure.




Buttercream: Clean, crisp, and pristine brilliant. White is suggestive of simplicity and modernity.




Desert Mist: invoking images of shifting powdery sand.





Willow: A canopy of green that reveals and conceals.





Let’s have a look at the accessory collections for spring-summer 2021:


Platform sandals or shoes


The source used is the Internet.

The source used is http://chiaraferagnicollection.com.

Mini bags, clutches, handbags, straw bags


The source used is the Internet.


Retro sneakers


The source used is http://chiaraferagnicollection.com.


Chunky chain straps



The source used is Pinterest.


Mules’ shoes

The source used is Pinterest.


Strappy shoes:

The source used is Pinterest.


Yellow bags:

The source used is Instagram Leoni Hanni.


The source used is Pinterest.



Pearl’s power – jewels, armbands, earrings, pendants

The source used the Internet.

Chunky pendants, long earrings, metal jewels, shoulder Grazin Earrings:


The source used the Internet.


Chains- huge chunky chains, Bangles are back. Dripping diamonds, Big long Neckless:


The source used the Internet.


The trends for this spring-summer 2021:

Oversized Shoulder pad Boyfriend Jackets

The source used is Pinterest.


Feel good prints -rainbow straps, Pastel tones

The source used is Pinterest.


Loose Denim and wide-leg trousers:

The source used is Pinterest.


Big puff sleeves:

The source used is Pinterest.


Light sheer fabrics:

The source used is Pinterest.


Crop tops and Cutouts:


The source used is Pinterest and Internet.


Wrap around straps:

The source used is Instagram Versace.


I hope you all have happy and colorful summer. 😘




Used sources:
Pinterest fashion 2021
Instagram Leoni Hanne
Instagram Versace


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