Christmas 2021 on the cruise ship MSC Grandiosa around the Mediterranean sea in the time of Covid-19

What does Christmas on a cruise ship? Everything is unique during the Christmas cruise: a special Christmas dinner, special Christmas menu, music, special theatre shows, and activities for young and elders. Elegant Christmas decorations and Christmas spirit at every corner. It is worth breaking traditions and creating new holiday memories onboard.

Christmas is the perfect time for you to put on your shiniest dress and suit and dive carefree into the Christmas festivities. The ship’s staff will care for everything else; you relax and enjoy the cruise. After all, miracles happen at Christmas 😉

All this with the utmost respect for safety measures, continuous sanitation of common areas, temperature control, and wearing covering masks.

I will tell you more about Christmas onboard through the pictures.


Pictures of the Main lobby decks 5, 6, and 7 and the Swarovski stairs.


 She led screens at the promenade on deck 6. 




Bistro deck 6 promenade


Butcher’s Cut deck 7 

Restaurant deck 5 

Market place Buffe deck 15 


Gingerbread houses on deck five near the Reception areas

Chocolate Christmas decoration by the world-famous Chocolatier Jean Phillippe

Doremiland on deck 18

Holy Mass, at the Theater deck 6

Wishing you Happy Holidays, everyone around the world  ❤ 


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