Day at sea on board MSC Grandiosa in the Mediterranean Sea 21/22

Cruising is a fantastic vacation at sea, and the entertainment on the MSC Grandiosa ship during the day at sea is countless.

The seven-day cruise with MSC Grandiosa in the Mediterranean has a whole day at sea and more days in the port. A full day at sea, sea day, or sailing day, means that the ship sails from port to port for 24 hours without stopping in between them.

There are plenty of scenic spaces, such as the spectacular sea view from the ship’s aft lounge, the 96-meter-long two-story indoor Promenade with its LED ceiling, and a fantastic amusement park connected to the outdoor water park. Well-equipped gymnasium, Sportplex, Bowling, VRMaze, XD Interactive cinema, indoor court, Formula 1 simulators, and many video games. Theater and the Aurea Spa, with numerous services for beauty and wellness, bars, and thematic restaurants.

MSC Grandiosa is a Smart ship. In many places around the ship, you will see large touch screens, on which you will find all the information about life on board and absolutely everything that is happening at the moment. So, for example, you can book a table in a themed restaurant, a spa treatment, reserve a seat in the theater, and many other things; on top of that, there are on-screen maps of the ship. Furthermore, you can plan your day using the day’s schedule, which you’ll find in hard copy in your cabin daily. In addition, detailed information about life on board can be saved as a reminder using the ship’s MSC For Me app. To download and use the app, you don’t need to purchase an internet package, connect your phone’s WIFI to the ship’s WIFI, and download and use it for free. Other than that, MSC Grandiosa has the first virtual personal cruise assistant ZOE in every stateroom who is ready to assist guests with any request about the cruise.

ZOE, the first virtual personal cruise assistant

Here are some ideas for spending a fantastic day at sea:

Hang out by the pool – MSC Grandiosa is cruising the Western Mediterranean. Now is winter here in the Mediterranean sea, and therefore are still some beautiful sunny days when we can relax on a lounger by the pool or on the open decks sipping a cocktail and enjoying the endless expanse of sea. On cold days, the water temperature in the outdoor pools and hot tubs exceeds 27°C, so adventurous passengers can take a dip and swim in peace. So the more adventurous passengers can safely take a dip and swim in peace from outside or in the indoor pool.

The indoor pool

Go to the gym – you can choose to start your day by stretching around the pool or warm up your muscles in the gym. The gym on this ship is equipped and maintained by Technogym. Check out the day’s schedule for yoga, spinning, and many more classes.

The Gym

Aurea Spa – Grandiosa’s spa center is extensive and modern. It offers numerous beauty services, exotic massages, manicures, hair salons: salt room, harmonious and relaxing showers, heated beds, and more. So you can spend a whole indulgent day in total relaxation. Unfortunately, some of the facilities are close due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, but there are many other things to do to make you spend a beautiful and relaxed day at the SPA.

Shopping – during the day at sea, the ship’s stores are open all day until late in the evening. The sea day is generally the glitziest promotion, discount, and good buys. The stores are located on the ship’s Promenade deck six and have your favorite brands at very affordable prices. Also, don’t lose the chance to bring home souvenirs from the ship.


Promenade shopping area

Boutiques on board MSC Grandiosa

Boutiques on board MSC Grandiosa

MSC Fondation Boutique 

The Logo shop Store 

MSC Grandiosa’s Themed Restaurants – Themed restaurants are on decks 6 and 7. Although these restaurants are not part of the main restaurant where food is part of the cruise package, the themed restaurants have additional costs and advantageous promotions that offer a fantastic dining experience. French Bistro, Spanish Hola Tapas, Masters Pub, Sushi, Teppanyaki, and Butchers Cut are open for lunch and dinner. Immerse yourself in faraway Asia or among the streets of Paris, spoiling selected dishes in a unique atmosphere.

Hola Spanish Tapas

The French Bistrot 

Butchers Cut  

The Masters of the Seas Pub

Tepanyaki and Sushi Bar

Jean-Mauri Philippe’s Chocolate Factory- indulge in sweet temptation at sea with the chocolate creations of Chef Jean-Mauri Philippe. World-renowned pastry chef and master chocolatier. In 2017, he signed a contract with MSC cruises and opened his stores on the MSC Meraviglia and Grandiosa ships. Jean Philippe Chocolate & Cafe is the bar with an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch how the chocolate masterpieces are born. And Jean Philippe Crepe & Gelato offers an exquisite selection of Italian gelato and huge sweet crepes.

Take lots of photos – The ship is enormous and luxurious, offering plenty of exciting spots for selfies and Instagram shots. The hallmark of elegance on MSC ships is the sweeping Swarovski crystal staircases adorn the central atrium and Yacht Club areas. So elegant and sophisticated that it’s like walking on starlight, no doubt the stairs are the perfect place for your glamour shots. Another star point not to be missed is the breathtaking sunsets over the endless expanse of sea and the incredible color palette of the sky over the sea. Recommendable, do not miss the magic!

Swarovski stairs of the atrium deck 5 

Swarovski stairs of the atrium deck 6

Swarovski stairs of the YC, viewed from deck 14

Attend a workshop or quiz – it’s never too late to learn something new. In addition, you can entertain yourself by participating in the numerous quiz games organized during the day at sea.

Mini club – if you’re traveling with kids, be sure to visit the ship’s mini club. Cruising with babies, toddlers and teens is a fantastic adventure under the watchful eye of qualified staff, with games and dancing from morning until late at night, Lego and Chicco workshop, and Master Chef at sea. Of course, all this by strictly following the ship’s Covid-19 protocols.

Mini club 

Make new friends – socializing with guests onboard a cruise ship? The ship is the best place to make new friends and meet people from all over the world.

Eat, drink and enjoy life – take a note of the drinks packages; these are the best deals for cocktails and drink lovers.

Enjoy the romantic sunset aperitif – what could be more wonderful than sipping a cocktail while watching the beautiful sunsets. In the outdoor Horison Bar on deck 18 or the indoor Sky Lounge Bar on deck 18, in the middle of the MSC Grandiosa, you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the sea while listening to DJ sets or live music on the piano.

Important tips; Before you get on a cruise ship, my advice is to ignore all the comments on the Internet. Why do I say that? Because everyone is different and sees and understands life differently, the good, the bad, the delicious, the fun, and memorable vacations could be different for everyone. And your cruise will depend entirely on you and the energy you put into planning and preparing your vacation. So board the ship and make your own unforgettable experience.

Another essential tip for having an unforgettable time is strictly following all the Covid 19 rules and regulations on board the ship. Wear your protective masks correctly, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizers. Keep self-distances, no more than four persons in the elevators, do not be worried; on board the ship, the elevators are so fast so even though you have to give way to someone else, the next elevator will come right away.

Be safe, stay safe, and have a Happy cruise 😊

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Svetlana Hristova

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