DIY Flag Banner for a Sonic Themed Birthday Party

Here’s how I made my son’s Sonic-themed birthday decoration.

Sonic was my son’s favorite this year, and he said he would love to have a Sonic party on his birthday.

Said and done ☺

Of course, this had to look like the most fabulous Sonic party of the year. So, after extensive digging around the net and the disappointment of not finding a suitable Sonic-themed birthday party decoration (talking about Europe), I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and get personal with creating the decorations. I was excited about the idea and immediately started looking for ideas on Pinterest and materials to prepare and carry out the most fantastic birthday party ever held.

This post will be the first of the few to follow ☺. Other blog posts are linked below.

DIY Happy Birthday Flag Banner for Sonic party:

You will need the following materials:

Drawing lines


Glue for paper


One white sheet of A4 paper

Large sheet of thick blue paper

Large sheet of thick gold paper

Ribbon about 10m

Paper punch


  • First, I’ve made the template. Then, I drew it on the white A4 sheet and cut it out.

  • I then calculated how many letters the lettering would be made up of and added three extra blank elements as start and end flags. My inscription was in English, but you can use whatever language you prefer.

  • I outlined the number of panels needed with the template on the back of the blue sheet of thick paper. Finally, I managed to find shiny, thick blue paper.


  • For the lettering – on the back of the gold paper, I wrote Happy birthday, and I had boarded the letters and cut them out. But before I did that, I measured the height of the panels and drew the borders to get the size of the notes right.

  • After cutting out the letters, I glued them onto the blue panels. I used hot glue for this case, but it wasn’t the right decision because the letters started to peel off once they cooled. For this, I recommend you use paper glue.

  • I printed, colored, and cut out the characters of Sonic and his friends for the blank panels, and I glued them.

  • I drilled holes in the top of each panel with the help of a hole punch, but if you are missing this tool, you can use the tip of the scissors.



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