DIY Sonic Themed Children Birthday Party Goodie Bags

Party bags go beyond being a thing; they’re my way of saying a big ‘thank you’ to our guests, a little way of showing how much I appreciate their participation in the celebration. It’s a small thing that means a lot – telling them that having them there matters. And as we wrap up the fun party moments, the goodie bags become the stars, especially when they make the little ones smile so much.

Let’s jump into the Sonic-themed birthday party I set up for my son. A picture of a day full of Sonic’s incredible colors, energy, and just plain fun – all for celebrating his birthday. It’s about making memories that stick around, and I’m eager to share all the cool stuff that made his special day even more awesome.

Materials Checklist:

  • Blue paper gift bags

  • A black, beige, and white paper, choose a thicker one. 

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Thin yellow wrapping paper

  • Black felt-tip pen

Crafting Sonic Goodie Bags – Step by Step:

  • First, I picked the classic blue and yellow theme for the bags, making them look cool.

  • Then, I found Sonic’s face on the internet, printed a bunch, and carefully cut out his eyes, nose, face, and ears. I made sure each piece matched the right colors of paper.

  • Next, I glued all the pieces together to create Sonic’s face on each bag, turning them into extraordinary Sonic masterpieces.

  • To give Sonic some extra flair, I used a black felt-tip pen to outline his mouth and eyebrows, making the details pop.

  • Finally, I laid out a sheet of thin yellow gift paper, filled it with many little treasures, and tied it up in a simple but charming knot. Each bundle found a cozy spot inside every bag.

And just like that, Sonic’s magic was ready to go!

  • Are you curious about what’s inside? Since Sonic Toys decided to take a budget-friendly break, I went for fun pop-its in different shapes—a favorite toy from last summer. Plus, there’s a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer with cute animal shapes and adorable little animals to complete the mix.

Hence, as you start crafting, I hope this brings you much joy, just like our Sonic Celebration did!

Happy crafting!

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Svetlana Hristova

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