Ocean Cay Msc Marine Reserve The Private Island of MSC Cruises

Ocean Cay MSC Marine reserve is 65 miles south of Miami in the tropical Bahamian paradise located in the district of Bimini. The 95-acre island owned by MSC Cruises is an artificial island built by dredging in the late 1960s. For decades, the island had been used as an industrial dumping ground to extract Aragonite sand for various purposes. Removed plenty of tons of scrap metal from its base, which made challenging the redeveloping of the island. However, with the debris removal, the Ocean Cay is once again thriving with marine life and clean white beaches, crystal clear water lagoon with calm waters, and ocean side beaches with waves.

The island opened its doors to the MSC Cruise ship’s guests on December 5th, 2019.

The Bahamian-style village and Marina offer a wide range of places to shop, drink and relax.

Ocean Cay has seven significant beach areas with beach chairs and private cabanas. In addition, there are seven beach bars, plenty of food carts, two signature bars, an ice cream parlor, and a coffee bar.

The lovely Seaview beach has natural landscapes, colorful umbrellas, and comfortable bean bag beach chairs.

The great lagoon’s shallow crystal water and white sand beach are perfect for swimming and water sport.

The lighthouse and Hemingway-style bar and terrace to enjoy the breathtaking sunset, sip signature cocktails, and enjoy live music.

MSC Aurea Spa hides on the quietest side of the island, where you enjoy relaxing beauty treatments among the green of nature and the reflections of the crystal blue water.

At the north point, there is a Wedding Pavilion, a wonderful place for a romantic private wedding or ceremony.

Peaceful during the day, at night Ocean Cay comes to life with a spectacular Junkanoo parade and beach party. However, the lighthouse becomes the island’s real star once the sun goes down, offering impressive lighting and an audio show.

Enjoy Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve 🙂


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