Cruising with MSC Seashore in the Caribbean, Spring 2022

MSC Seashore is the brand new ship released last November by MSC Company.

MSC Seashore’s stunning exterior has been designed especially for warm weather climates; her signature aft style mirrors the iconic Miami Beach condo design. More pools, whirlpools, and other water features with more outdoor space. For those who love cruising in hot tropical waters, this is just the perfect ship to choose for your next cruise.


The interior design inspiration of Msc Seashore pays tribute to New York City, a destination that represents the spirit of discovery and cultural experiences. The world-famous city inspires venue names, public areas, and design features. Such as a 9.5-foot replica of the statue of Lady Liberty at the heart of the casino. In an expansive retail and entertainment area named Times Square, an impressive 27.5-foot LED wall spans four decks. It features a projection of the iconic Manhattan skyline.

MSC Seashore offers various dining choices with 11 venues, including three main restaurants. In addition, there are 19 unique bars for all occasions, from day to night, with indoor and outdoor options.

From the 1st of April, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has dropped its cruise health travel notice after two years of telling Americans not to take a cruise. The CDC has previously lowered its cruise ship travel warning from Level 4 to Level 2.

Covid regulations on board MSC Seashore – face mask and social distancing are required while moving around the ship. Can remove Cover masks if social distancing is guaranteed while seated, eating, and drinking in restaurants, bars, or lounges. Replacements are available upon requests in the Guest service, at Marketplace Buffet, and all bars or requested from your cabin steward.

Before you board, please check the travel requirements and consult the official MSC website for Cruise safety and health measures.

MSC Seashore is now sailing from Miami to The Bahamas & Caribbean, including full-day calls to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, an exclusive private island.


From MSC Seashore. With love

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