Patron Saint Celebrations in Sorrento, Italy

Every year on February 14, Sorrento celebrates the day of Sant Antonino ( St. Antonino), the city’s patron saint. People from all over the world visit Sorrento to pay their respects and pray.

The basilica Sant Antonino in Sorrento

The Basilica Sant Antonino in Sorrento during the feast

The Basilica of Sant Antonino is the main church in Sorrento and houses the Crypt with the relics of the Saint, who died 625 years ago on February 14.

The Crypt with the remains.

Sant Antonino performed numerous miracles, the legends of which are visible in paintings hung on the walls of the Basilica. In 1558, the population of Sorrento commissioned the construction of a silver statue to embody the Saint. Since its completion in 1564, the figure has stood in the Basilica. From then until 2020, the silver statue was left at the church every year, carried in a festive procession through Sorrento streets, accompanied by faithful and military citizens, and then returned to the church, where they celebrated a festive mass. However, the statue has not left the church for two years due to the Covid pandemic and security measures. Still, it has been displayed on the altar for the faithful and pilgrims to pay their respects and pray.

The silver statue of Saint Antonino

As Sorrento is a favorite tourist destination, this feast’s arrival marks the city’s awakening from the winter lethargy into which it falls after Epiphany. As a result, many travel agencies and hotels open their doors, ready to welcome tourists worldwide and mark the beginning of the new tourist season.

In honor of the holiday, the streets of Sorrento come alive, transformed in festive lighting, fairs, and numerous stalls with entertainment for young and old.

Il corso Italia, the main street

The feast on Piazza Tasso

Sant Antonino Day is also an occasion for family celebrations; as in Sorrento, at least one member of every family is named Antonino. With this honor, the dessert creme pizza, or the grandmother’s cake (la torta della nonna), must be at the festive table.

La torta della nonna

Another delicacy sold at the fair stalls as a street fund is O’ Pere e o’muso, translated as leg and nose. Cooked pork legs and the calf’s nose were cut into small pieces and served in a paper cone sprinkled with salt and fresh lemon juice.

Villa Comunale’s garden is complete with many hearts for the feast of Saint Valentine. Couples eternalize their love through photographs of the most magnificent, breathtaking, and romantic view of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

The festivities end the same evening with seven notorious volleys and impressive fireworks.

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