How to get to Sorrento from Naples in Italy

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A Bird view of the Sorrento Peninsula

Sorrento and the Sorentine Peninsula are just 50km south of Naples.

Sorrento is well known as one of the most beautiful places in the Campania region.

With its incredible landscapes, Sorrento attracts tourists from all over the world every year.

Land with sea and lemon scents, sung by numerous poets and artists, drawing inspiration for their works from this small place. Sorrento has to reach history and magic, the temple traditions, myths, distant legends, the cradle of ancient treasures, and the land of beautiful sirens.

Sorrento is known as a meta of tourism and Dolcevita.

View of the Marina Piccola and Sorrent Peninsula 

How to get to Sorrento:

You can reach Sorrento by train, bus, taxi, private transport, or by boat from Naples.

  • By bus -from The Airport of Naples-Capodichino, at the main parking right in front of the arrivals terminal, is the bus stop from the Curreri line  which will take you to Sorrento in less than an hour. The ticket costs €10 and is purchased on-site from the driver. The bus has a large trunk. I recommend that you sit on the right side of the bus to enjoy the fantastic panorama of the Sorrentino Peninsula along the way. Below is a map of Naples airport car parks; buses to Sorrento stop at the orange car park. Buses to other famous tourist destinations leave from there too.

Capodichino airport parking map

  • By Private Transport- the last Bus from Naples Airport to Sorrento is at 21:30 in the summer and 19:30 in winter. If you have a late flight and arrive late, one of the alternatives is to take a taxi or a private transfer. The private transfer is preferable. You will not get charged more than 80-100 euros, and you will be sure that the driver will be waiting for you until you arrive.

  • From the airport, you need to take a public transport bus; the Alibus line will take you to Naples Central Station, located in Piazza Garibaldi. The ticket costs 5 euros, and you can buy it on the spot from the driver; this bus will take you to the central train station of Naples, which is in Piazza Garibaldi. From the central train station in Naples, it is enough to take Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento, which costs only € 3.60, and in about an hour and 10min will take you to Sorrento. It is an intercity train and stops at every stop. The last stop is Sorrento, so you can’t go wrong. The Circumvesuviana is an intercity train, which can often be overflowing with passengers, and you may not find a place to sit. The Sorrento Train Station is in the center of the town. You will find the main bus stop, right in front of the train station, where all the buses to Naples Airport, Positano, Amalfi, Praiano, and the Amalfi Coast run.

Sorrento’s train station

Front view of Sorrento’s train station 

  • By car – from Naples airport, you can rent a car from international concessionaires such as Europcar; Budget, Hertz, Avis, Firefly, etc., but keep in mind that in summer traffic is high moving with the car becomes slower. If the place where you stay in Sorrento does not offer a free garage, parking is charged 2 euros per hour anywhere in Sorrento or €25 for a whole day. However, there is plenty of private parking around, and the rates are the same everywhere.

  • You can reach by bus from the city line by boat- Naples airport to the port. The Alibus line departs right before the arrival terminal. This bus will take you to Molo Beverello. The route is an airport/airport/port and back, leaves every 20 minutes, and the trip takes about 40 minutes. Tickets cost €5, and you can purchase them from the driver. The distance from Naples to Sorrento by sea is 40 minutes, costing €19,20. Keep in mind that when you arrive in Sorrento, to get to the city center if you walk, you need to climb many steps, but you can also take a bus for only 1 euro from the local lines or taxi.

    Attention: outside the summer season, the boat may not leave if the sea is rough, and at that time of the year, the schedules run differently.








View from Piazza Tasso 

View of the port of Sorrento, Marina Piccola

Look at the Italian recipes page, full of traditional food recipes from the Sorrento gastronomy. Delicious and easy to prepare.  

Have a fantastic stay in Sorrento.

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