Come back to Sorrento Part 2 The Municipal Villa and the Church St. Francis and the Cloister of St. Francis in Sorrento

“Sorrento is small, beautiful and has so much to tell” S.H.

Today I will show you the municipal villa in Sorrento, the Church of St. Francis, and the magical Monastery of St. Francis.

As you leave Piazza Tasso behind, heading towards the sea, emerging along the alleys of Sorrento’s old town, among the shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, the Gelaterias, and bars, you will arrive at the Villa Comunale / Municipal Villa.


*All pictures used in this post are from my archive.

Sorrento, Piazza Tasso and bar Ercolano



Villa Comunale, named after Salve D’Esposito, was born in Sorrento, a great Sorrentino Musician, and composer of Anema and Core.


Roberto Murolo and his guitar sang the original 1950 song.


And inspired by Roberto Murolo, I cannot resist, and I will leave a fantastic Neapolitan song written in 1992, a masterpiece written by Enzo Gragnaniello and performed by two sacred monsters of the music Roberto Murolo, Mia Martini – CU’MME.


The Sorrento Municipal Villa / Villa Comunale build in 1877 and 1879. It is a terrace overlooking the sea, fragrant with the greenery of orange trees, from which you can see the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius.


A descent carved from the rock allows you to reach the Marina Piccola and the port of Sorrento in a few minutes.


The garden has centuries-old trees that give guests a nice shaded area, from where you can admire the beauty of these unique views protected from the sun.

The villa is right next to the San Francisco Church.


The Church of St. Francis is one of the oldest churches in Sorrento, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. From the outside, the first impression is that of a modern church, but churching is very ancient. According to the first documented historic circuits, the Church was erectchurch1300. The earthquake of 1688 seriously damaged the Church and the Monastery. In 1926 the Church was restored, as was the white ciborium.

There is not only a single architectural style entering; the first thing that stands out is the polychrome marbles that refer to a Baroque style; you can also see the Gothic influences of the thirteenth century.

A church, the Church played a leading role not only in the religious life of Sorrento but also on the administrative side. Next to St. Francis Church⛪ there is a small door that will lead you to a magical place: the cloister of St. Francis.


Entering the door, you will indulge in a magical atmosphere of silence, meditation, and peace immersed in greenery. At certain hours of the day, the light illuminates the cloister of St. Franceso, creating a mystical atmosphere.


The monastery colonies used to create this unique place were found during archaeological excavations and date from different eras.

The Monastery is a beautiful and romantic place for weddings during the year’s hottest months. Apart from weddings, the Monastery is famous for hosting events and concerts. The candlelight, soft lights, and music create a unique and magical atmosphere.

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From Sorrento with Love



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