Fresh Pasta and Ricotta Ravioli Italian Recipe

Ravioli are a typical product of Italian cuisine. The simple and authentic taste makes them pleasant to everyone’s palate, even the most “sensitive” of children. Depending on the various recipes, the dumplings can be squared or rounds of egg pasta folded to contain stuffing made from meat, fish, vegetables, or cheese. Furthermore, the ricotta and spinach ravioli lend themselves to meet all kinds of toppings, from the classic butter and sage to the faster cream and salmon… They, therefore, present themselves as a real joker, to be able to show off on many occasions. Moreover, they come in many vegetarian choices of ingredients, which are also perfect for friends who do not like meat.

Here is Giovanna’s recipe for homemade Ravioli:

For the filling:

400 ricotta

2 eggs

Black pepper q.b

Sale q.b

30 grams. Parmesan

10 grams Pecorino cheese

250 grams. Mozzarella


How to prepare the filling:

  • Mix well the mozzarella cut into small cubes with ricotta, Parmesan, pecorino cheese, salt, pepper, and eggs in a pan.



How to prepare the Ravioli 🥟? Or Fresh pasta recipe:

(Notice: the freshly made Ravioli can be stored frozen in the freezer and to use when needed)

Ingredients for about 45 Ravioli 🥟

600g flour

250ml. Boiling water

2 🥚 eggs

One teaspoon salt at the taste


How to prepare fresh pasta for Ravioli 🥟:

  • Place the flour on the worktop and form as Vulcano; add a pinch of salt and boiling water in the center, tapping them well.


  • After that, add the eggs 🥚


  • Beat the eggs with a fork and incorporate them into the dough.

  • Work it with your hands until you get a compact, smooth, homogeneous ball by occasionally sprinkling the worktop with a bit of flour.


  • Divide the dough into two parts and roll them out with a rolling pin until they form thin sheets.


  • Spread the filling in piles about 5 cm apart and cover with the other puff pastry, making a slight pressure around the filling to perfectly combine the flakes.

  • Cut the Ravioli into homogeneous squares with a ravioli cutter wheel. In case you don’t have one, you can use glass instead.

  • Cook the fresh Ravioli for no more than 12 minutes in salted water.



  • The Ravioli can be served in broth or dry, accompanied by sauces. The choice also depends on the filling. The Ravioli can come with various fillings and toppings borage, escarole, beef, pork, sausage, eggs, Parmesan, spinach, mushrooms, and many other ingredients. According to your imagination. And can be seasoned with many different sauces.



Buon appetito😊


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