Where to go and what to see In Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is a beautiful small town in the South of Italy, keeping the most amazing views of the bay of Naples and mountain Vesuvius. With its beauty, Sorrento attracts many tourists worldwide and in Italy throughout the year; you will need not more than 2-3 days to visit it all. You can use it as a principal place for your accommodation. You can easily reach other essential tourist places here, like Positano, Capri, Ercolano, Pompei, Paestum, etc.

Check here to find out  How to get to Sorrento from Naples in Italy.

Here is my list of 14 things to do and see in Sorrento:

  1. Piazza Tasso

Piazza Tasso and Bar Ercolano

View of Piazza Tasso and the statue of Saint Antonino

Piazza Tasso during Christmas

Visit the Piazza Tasso – which is Sorrento’s main square, surrounded by elegant buildings. Have a morning coffee with a croissant at Bar Ercolano, Fauno, or Sirenuse, or enjoy an aperitif in the late afternoon hour. The square’s name is in honor of Torquato Tasso, a 16th-century Italian poet born in Sorrento. A statue of the famous poet dominates Piazza Tasso, and a figure of Sant’Antonino, the city’s patron saint. From the Piazza Tasso starts the main street called Corso Italia, a long road full of shops, bars, and ice cream parlors, from where you can arrive at the alleys of the historic center. The square is magnificent under Christmas as well, when it is all decorated with a giant Christmas tree, and all the buildings around are illuminated with Christmas lights.

2.Via San Cesareo and Sedile Dominova

Check Sorrento, the old town Via San Cesare alleys, for more info.

Sedile Dominova

Via San Cesareo

Get lost in the narrow streets of the historic center via San Cesareo, and visit Sedile Dominova. Via San Cesareo is Sorento’s oldest street, full of souvenir shops and trattorias where you can feel the city’s true essence of history and sea.

3. The Main Churches in Sorrento

Visit the main Churches.

Sorrento, The Basilica of Saint Antonino, is devoted to the city’s patron saint, the Cathedral of Sorrento, located on Corso Italia, and the oldest church in Sorrento, San Baccolo. You can find it among the alleys of the old town.

4.Correale Museum of Terranova

For more info, check here Museum Correale di Terranova in Sorrento, Italy

The mirror room at the museum

Experience history and art in the Correale Museum of Terranova, a stone’s throw from Piazza Lauro square.

5.Cloister of San Francesco and the Villa Comunale

The most magnificent place to visit is the Cloister of San Francesco and the splendid view of the Gulf of Naples from Villa Comunale. The cloister of St. Francis is a jewel dating back to the thirteenth century, hidden between the homonymous church and the Municipal Villa. It is among the oldest monuments in Sorrento. The Cloister of St. Francis is one of the most beautiful wonders of the city. Favorite place for weddings, concerts, and exhibitions.

6. Beach

Peters Beach

Go to the beach below the Villa Comunale; you will find the city’s main beaches. You can take the elevator from the garden or use the stairs

7. The Port and Marina Piccola

Take a walk to Marina Piccola, where the Port of Sorrento is, and enjoy the magnificent view of the cliffs.

8. Marina Grande

Marina Grande and Marina Grande bird view

Visit Sorrento’s fishing village and retain its rustic charm with a fresh fish food experience at the Marina Grande. Marina Grande is a picture-postcard seaside place famous for its colored houses, small volcanic sand beach, and family-run taverns with delicious fresh fish food.

9. The lemons of Sorrento

check here Sorrento Lemons

Visit the Sorrento lemon groves. If you don’t want to book a tour, visit the City’s Lemon Park, next to the Sorrento post office. You should see the Cataldo gardens, where you can sip the famous lemon liqueur Limoncello.

10. Inlaid woods museum

check herehttps://inlayartsorrento.com/en/inlay-art-sorrento/ 

Visit the Inlaid woods museum and its shops. Sorrento’s artisans made Magnificent boxes and paintings with different wood colors.


11. Cooking classes

You can have fun preparing local food by yourself while learning the secrets of the local cuisine while preparing the most delicious pasta.

12. Apperitivo at sunset

Saint Agnello public space with a view 

Sip a cocktail while observing the most beautiful sunsets from the terrace of the sky bar at Hotel Mediterraneo, the Bar Della Colona in Hotel Lorelei, or the shared balcony in Sant’Angelo in front of the Hotel Mediterraneo.

The Sunset view from the hotel Lorelei

13. Fine dining

You can pamper yourself with fine dining in one of the Micheline-star restaurants in Sorrento with a Micheline Star Chef, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the place.

14. Gelato

You must try the best ice cream and treats from the ice cream shop “Davide,”http://www.gelateriadavidsorrento.it/ is an excellent place to stop and enjoy the most delicious and wide choice of ice cream in the city. David offers many kinds of Nutella desserts, ice cream, spaghetti, waffles, And more; you can live the experience by making authentic Italian gelato at the demonstration classes he offers.


From Sorrento with Love ❤

P.S. I would be glad to read what you enjoyed most in Sorrento in the comments below. Also, I am ready to answer any questions you have related to this blog post.

Thank you ☺

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