Museum Correale di Terranova in Sorrento,Italy

A stone’s throw from the center of Sorrento is situated one of the most precious and hidden treasures of the Peninsula, the Correale Museum of Terranova. The museum dismays beautiful art objects connected to history and traditions. Paintings, the Sorrentino inlaid wood, majolica, and porcelain are beautiful works. Exhibition of masterpieces of landscape painters of the 1800s, Chinese ceramics, and ceramics from Capodimonte school.

The Correale Museum in Newfoundland was born thanks to Count Alfredo Correale’s generous and enlightened donation and his brother Pompeo. They were the last descendants of an ancient and noble Sorrento family and passionate art collectors. Later, their collections were transferred to Villa alla Rota,  belonged to the family for centuries, and turned into a museum named after them. The Correale Museum was inaugurated in 1924, spread over four floors of 24 rooms ordered by sections.

On the ground floor is the Hall of the Founders with the small chapel, a tribute made by the Correali Counts.

The Count’s family tree.

You can see the room with the historic inlaid woodworks.


And the archaeological section is dedicated to the ancient history of Sorrento, with the essential finds from the pre-Roman origins of the old center of Sorrento and neighboring areas.

Room library keeps books, brochures, and manuscripts from the XVII century Italian and foreign literature, botany, the history of Sorrento, medicine, and archaeology of the Campania region. Various editions of the works of the Sorrentino poet Torquato Tasso as the original of his most famous book, Liberated Jerusalem, written in 1580.

The first floor: There are valuable paintings of the 1700s on the main floor of the Neapolitan school of sacred genre and historical narration.

It follows the white and gold living room, full of mirrors, consoles, and portraits of the most famous avi. In the hall of mirrors, you can breathe a magical atmosphere; today, we celebrate weddings.

Here you can see the curious game of the “biribisso.” (Biribisi or Biribiso is an Italian gambling game, similar to roulette, practiced as early as the 17th century and played in France.)

The second floor is full of cultured hard stone and tortoiseshell items.


The beautiful watch collection.

A beautiful collection of Art Fans of the Donation of Mrs. Mariella Grazia, the exhibition comprises 45 magnificent Italian and European manufacturing fans dating from the 18th to the 20th century.

Famous paintings of the School of Possilipo reveal extraordinary landscapes, works by Pitloo, Duclère, Palizzi, and Gigante. In addition, you can see the private collection of furniture, home objects, significant souvenirs, silver cutlery, and precious watches from the personal collection, donated by Mrs. Ada Pollio Fienga in 2016 in honor and memory of her husband Pietro Fenga and his brother Antonino Fenga.

On the third floor, The important porcelain collection. The Correale brothers are bitter about collecting the most satisfactory items, choosing them from the factories of Meiseen, Sèvres, Bow, Vienna, Docciae, of course, Capodimonte.

The figurines of the nativity scene of artisans from Sorrento. An artisan work made with re-proposed shepherds of the 1700s. Used for the Christmas Persepio, the exposition takes place every year in December on the Ground floor and is open for visitors.

The garden and the Belvedere view can access the park and cross the avenue bordered by mighty plane trees and orange groves from the ground floor. Finally, you reach the prestigious Belvedere Terrace at the peak of the sea, where you can enjoy the beautiful breathtaking landscape on the Gulf of Naples.


Greetings From the land of Mermaids Sorrento 🙂


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