Sorrento Lemons


Sorrento Lemons


Sorrento, the land of lemons.

Sorrento is a beautiful terraced town in southern Italy.

It is located in the Gulf of Naples

under the watchful eye of Volcano 🌋 Vesuvius.

Sorrento is a piece of paradise with a breath of lemons, sea, and sun.

Sorrento’s lemons, olive trees,

and tourism Is the main livelihoods of this beautiful town.



The lemon of Sorrento was born in the territory of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

The volcanic land of the Peninsula produces the best citrus fruits in the world.

The lemon gardens are one

of the most distinctive landscapes of the Sorrentine Peninsula.


Sorrento lemons are exclusively grown in the municipalities of Vico Equense,

Sorrento, San’t Angelo, Sorrento Plan, Meta, Massa Lubrense,

Anacapri, and the island of Capri.

Lemon is the symbol of the Sorrentine Peninsula.


In the early 2000s, the unique Sorrento lemon with its flavor

obtained the brand IGP (Protected Geographical Indication)

through a dedicated consortium, they are protected and marketed.




Outside Italy, Sorrento lemons are grown

to a limited extent in Southern California


The presence of Sorrento lemons in the Sorrentine area

is certified by documents of 1500d.C. But you can see traces

of the current lemon 🍋 the Sorrento oval at the time of the Romans,

in the excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Paintings have been found that testify to the presence of lemons

very similar to Sorrento lemons. But only since the 16th century

and then that the market has made it a unique and special product.


Lemon of Sorrento and the King of Lemons, known all over the world.



Sorrento IGP Lemon features a special production technique

based on the cultivation of plants under the “Pagliarelle”,

straw mats leaning on chestnut wood support poles

to cover the canopies of trees from the wind

and to delay the maturation of lemons.

This is what makes these lemons special



Features: The Sorrento lemon has an oval shape and citrine yellow.

The peel is rich in essential oils that make it particularly fragrant.

The pulp has a juice with high acidity and rich in Vitamin C.



The peculiarity of Lemon of Sorrento

and its scent that makes this lemon the best to prepare limoncello.



Sorrento’s lemon 🍋 is also used in the kitchen to seasoning typical Dishes

from the Sorrentine peninsula as appetizers,

first courses, side dishes the second dishes and sweets such as lemon babà


lemon babà                  photo credit internet


and lemon delight (delizia la limone)


delizia la limone

delizia la limone


Let’s not forget the lemon granita 🍋 a fresh and quenching after a meal,

a cold sweet compound, composed of a liquid-semi frozen compound

prepared with water, sugar, and lemon juice.

lemon granita (granita al Limone)


Lemon pasta, lemon treats, soaps, and ice creams and

so many other things you can imagine

can be made from lemon 🍋 of Sorrento.



From Sorrento with Love 😉




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