Italian Pasta Carbonara Recipe

One of the most loved Italian pasta is spaghetti alla carbonara. The origin of the spaghetti alla carbonara comes from Rome. Spaghetti alla Carbonara means spaghetti coal worker style as the dish was popular among the coal workers in the middle of the 20th Century. Spaghetti alla carbonara is egg, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. Usually, we use guanciale or pancetta, but smoked bacon lardons are a common substitute outside Italy. The cheese is Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano Reggiano or often a combination of both. Usually, the pasta is spaghetti, but other types of long pasta can be suitable too. Spaghetti alla carbonara is also high in calorie dishes. However, the preparation time is surprisingly easy and fast. Here is Giovanna’s recipe to clarify Giovanna used to put a pinch of onion in her Spaghetti alla Carbonara, even do the authentic recipe is without onion. So in one, you can be sure, with or without onion, in the end, it will be a very delicious dish, and It will only take 20 minutes to prepare it.

Ingredients for two servings:

300gr. of spaghetti

Pancetta or guanciale cut into small pieces

3 🥚 eggs

Grated pecorino Romano

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano / you can use both/

Black pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

One small pearl onion (optional we are going to use ¼ from it)



  • In a bowl, beat the eggs together with the cheese.

  • Boil the pasta in salted water.


  • Boil the pasta al dente.


  • While the pasta is boiling, put a spoon of olive oil in a pan and fry the guanciale with a little bit of onion / the onion is optional/.


  • When the pasta is ready, drain it and add to the pan together with guanciale.


  • Then pour the mixture of raw eggs, cheese, and pepper on the top of the hot pasta where the eggs cook using the heat from the pasta rather than direct heat and stir continuously. This way, we will have cream sauce and prevent the eggs from curdling.


  • After the pasta, alla carbonara is well amalgamated with the eggs, served on a plate, and garnished with fresh black pepper and pecorino. Our spaghetti alla carbonara goes well accompanied with a glass of red Italian wine 🍷.


Notice: If you are going to be preparing the pasta alla carbonara for your toddlers/kids, better have the eggs cook on the flame; in this case, you add the pasta to the pan where you briefly fry the guanciale and pour over the eggs while the pan is still on the heat. Stir well till the paste is well combined. Our toddlers are in love with the spaghetti alla carbonara Della Nonna.


Buon Appetito 😉

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