Semifreddo with Nutella, Mascarpone and Biscuits

Semifreddo with Nutella is an elegant and delicious dessert, perfect for hot summer days. Semifreddo, translated from Italian, means semi-cold, do not confuse it with ice cream because it is lighter, is not so icy, and quickly relaxes at room temperature. This dessert is a favorite delight of small and big, it is prepared very quickly and easily, and you will be very impressed with its taste.


300g Plain biscuits

250 g Mascarpone

280 g Nutella

150 g Liquid Cream

70g Caster Sugar

A glass of Fresh Milk

Coconut flour for decoration

loaf pan

Transparent kitchen foil


  • The first thing is to prepare the mascarpone cream: in a bowl with the help of an electric mixer, beat the liquid cream until it becomes a thick cream.

  • Then in a separate container, with the help of a mixer, beat mascarpone together with the powdered sugar. Next, with the help of a spatula, add the whipped cream to the mascarpone, stirring from the bottom up (in that way, the cream remains fluffy).

  • Mix until the two creams are well combined.

  • Melt the Nutella. Usually, to soften the Nuttela, I put the jar in a pan of boiling water, but you can also melt it for a few minutes in the microwave.

  • Moisten the loaf pan with water, and cover it well with the foil. Thus, when the loaf pan is humid, the foil will stick better to the pan.

  • Then, take the dry biscuits, dip them one by one for a quick dip in the milk and arrange the biscuits at the bottom of the loaf pan.

  • Then apply a layer of mascarpone cream and three lines of Nutella in length.

  • Continue in the same order: cookies, mascarpone, Nutella until the top of the loaf pan.

  • The last layer of semifreddo should be again biscuits, of course, soaked in milk.

  • Wrap the cake generously with the foil and place it in the freezer for at least two hours.


  • After the two hours have passed, remove the semifreddo from the loaf pan, remove the foil, and place it on a suitable platter. Soften Nutella again and cover the surface of the dessert well with it. In the end, sprinkle with coconut flour and enjoy.


Buon Appetito 😉

Svetlana Hristova

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