What is fashionable this summer 2020

I am not a fashion blogger, but I love fashion; I don’t have the opportunity to be fashionable every day because my toddler is very naughty. As a result, I am covered with stains constantly, but when I have a chance, I love to keep up with fashion.

It is hard to say how we will dress up for the coming summer since we have seen only home fashion such as hoodies, jumpsuits, leggings, and pajamas. Have you seen the new ZARA collection? I just saw it online, and I was not surprised to see all the models pictured in home settings, some on the couch, some on the balcony, at the dining table, and all thru the house. A most brilliant idea as this is the perfect reflection of these unusual days.


Photo credit Internet

Photo credit Internet


White, green, Aero, aero blue, African violet, amaranth pink, amethyst, aqua, aquamarine, baby blue, baby pink, bright green, coral, canary yellow, deep pink, dark violet, purple, Denim, and a lot of flowers 💐 and a lot of styles of dresses very feminine!


Talking about Denim, the easiest way to look excellent and sexy is with a pair of nice Jeans, a white top or shirt, and pleasant perfume.


Photo credit Internet

Photo credit Internet

Fashion trends this summer include light wears such as skirts and long or short dresses, light, delicate and fresh fabrics with flowers, a lot of flowers. All of these combined with a pair of gladiators or slave sandals.

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It will be SOOO amazing, a magical summer full of fresh colors, flowers, and positive energy. ⛮




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