Food and Beverage Options on Ocean Cay MSC Cruises Private Island

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is a piece of paradise in the Bahamas. Aside from crystal blue water beaches, the island offers a variety of dining options. There are plenty of places to eat, drink and be merry. Food shacks and beverages are available throughout the island, a walk-up bar in the Ocean Cay Village, Coffee and Ice Cream parlors, and a Hemingway-style bar at the Lighthouse.

Let’s see together all the options for eating and drinking on the island:

The Seekers Food Court is a complimentary buffet on the Ocean Cay that offers a variety of fruits and salads, Caribbean-style dishes such as Grouper Escabeche, burgers and hot dogs, Pork ribs, Jerk Chicken, Fried Plantains, and Fries. The desserts are a variety of Rum Cake, Banana Bread, Brownies, and Assorted Cookies. The waiting line is usually long, but is moving fast, and the food is delicious, so that the waiting will be worth it.

The Seekers Food Court

The Seekers Food Court

If you are not awaiting a line person, move to one of the shack trucks. They are also free, and you can find them all over the island. The variety of food they offer is not significant, but more than enough to satisfy your food cravings; you will find a hot dog, hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, pasta salad, and chocolate Brownie.

The complimentary food at Beach Shacks

The cheeseburger from the complimentary food at Beach Shacks

The seafood shack at the Great Star food truck has its delicious seafood plates at extra cost. Lobster roll, Grilled cheese, refreshing Caribbean ceviche, Chilled Shrimp Salad, Fried Calamari, Grilled Octopus salad, and shrimp ceviche. There is a bar near each food truck, and you can enjoy your food with a cold drink or a frozen cocktail in the sunshine.

The seafood shack at the Great Star

There is a bar near each food truck

The Simply Fish Ice Cream parlor& Coffee Bar is where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and have a cup of coffee. They have delicious ice cream served in a waffle fish cone, an excellent array of toppings, and four ice cream flavors (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and key lime).

The Simply Fish Ice Cream parlor& Coffee Bar

Springer Bar is a walk-up bar in the Ocean cay Village. This bar has signature cocktails, cold beer, water, and sodas. A comfortable place to sit and chat while watching the crowd of passing tourists.

Springer Bar

Lighthouse Bar is a Hemingway-style bar and terrace just below the Lighthouse, and this place is one of the favorite spots on the island. From here, you can greet the beautiful sunsets, enjoy the light show while sipping a fancy cocktail, and gnaw on delicious Caribbean food, snacks, and dessert. The menu includes snacks and desserts such as a Shrimp cocktail, Caribbean Crab Cake, Chicken wings, spicy Beef Patties, and Jerk Sweet Potato Samosa. Snacks such as plantain chips, spice potato chips, flavored Potato chips, Rum cake, and Spiced chocolate cake, all at extra charge.

Lighthouse Bar

The great news is that the drink packages are valid on the island; you can also pay for everything with your ship card.

At last, for sure, you won’t remain hungry on the island, but if nothing is inspiring you, the ship is just 5 minutes away, and you can enjoy the ship’s food and the buffet or in one of the restaurants while on the Ocean Cay MSC Cruises private island.

Have a beautiful day at Ocean Cay 😊


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