The Family Parties On Board MSC Seashore in the Caribbean 2022

The family time it’s Fun Time!

The family parties on board MSC Seashore with games and food are great fun. Who doesn’t love a family party? It is fun to get together with the kids, play hilarious or challenging games, have fun, dance, eat, win on a ruffle ship model, and make great memories.

The family can enjoy the outdoor games with the entertainment team at the kid’s party. Learn towel folding and fruit carving, and savor the most delicious treats prepared by the chefs on board MSC Seashore.

Learn fruit carving- Fun fruit food art for kids, in which talented fruit carvers show children how to make cute fruit sculptures, carving skills, and food decorations with watermelon, pineapple, or eggplant.


Watermelon and cauliflower art carvings

The origami table of towels or folding towels is fun for the whole family. Learning how to create your favorite animal using only a towel is excellent. The housekeeping team will teach you how to fold the towels into the shapes of your favorite animals.

Hanging towel monkey

if there is a party, there will be food too. Sweet tables with plenty of cupcakes, cakes, chorizo covered with melted white and dark chocolate, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, caramelized apples, chocolate-covered apples, and fruit skewers.

Caramelized and chocolate cover apples

Kids-friendly finger food includes mini pizzas, spring rolls, meatballs in tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, cheese balls, sandwiches, mini hot dogs, and hamburgers.

Finger food tables

Ice cream with a vast choice of toppings, colored sprinkles, marshmallows, Oreo, chocolate flakes, white and dark chocolate toppings, etc. Milkshake Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

The food, the ice cream, and the milkshakes at the party are complimentary.

The games at the party are fun for big and small. Tic Tac toe, Gladiator, giant Bump Balls, giant Volleyball, Ring throwing, Mini Golf, memory game, and the kids can take funny pictures with the MSC Doremi mascot, a lot of music, and dance.

Gladiator game

Giant Volleyball game                           The memory game

Bouncing balls

MSC Doremi Mascotte 

Enjoy your family time. Play, eat and be merry!


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Svetlana Hristova

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