Kids Food Options on Msc Seashore Caribbean cruise 2022

Being a family company, MSC Cruises is an excellent option for families traveling with kids. Onboard each MSC ship, there is a kid’s club with highly qualified staff, and areas supported by Chicco (for the little ones), Lego and newly Hi-Tech rooms, a lot of fun activities for kids of all ages and interests. Coming to the point, on MSC Seashore, there are many choices for delicious kids dining, from finger foods and wholesome to healthy dishes.

I found the children dining onboard varied and delicious. A kid’s menu at the Main Restaurants offers Mediterranean and international cuisine.

The menu dishes are assessed by a nutritionist from Osservatorio Chicco and provide food options for babies from 6 to 12 months and 12 months.

In the first months of weaning, the food for 6 to 12 months is a true adventure for babies trying new flavors and textures every day. So they have a few food recipes for babies-light, tasty, authentic, easy to digest, and appropriate for growth. The menu includes pureed vegetable soup, semolina and pasta, blended carrots, mashed potatoes, minced chicken breast, hake fish, and baked fruits.

The food for babies over 12 months is by appetizing grownup recipes, where ingredients, cooking methods, and portions are just right for your baby’s needs. A variety of mini pizzas, small pasta in broth and potato gnocchi, cream of potato soup, baked fish fingers, steamed veggies, chicken and turkey hot dog with oven-roasted potatoes, beef meatballs in tomato puree, hamburger, grilled chicken breast, and beef Paillard are on the menu. And desserts such as raspberry jelly and ice cream with diced fresh fruits are always available on the menu.

Suppose your child requires a special diet or has allergies or sensitivity to a specific food. In that case, you need to notify the Restaurant manager.

The kid’s food at the buffet is for grownups and teens and is as varied as the food in the Main Restaurants. They have a variety of pizzas, open from lunch till late in the night, Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, fries always available, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, and a lot of cheese toppings, and a variety of delicious desserts.

Some of the food options at the Buffet at MSC Seashore

Breakfast at the buffet and in the main restaurants on the MSC Seashore offers a wide selection of food for all tastes and ages. Various donuts, pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, cereal, milk and vegetable milk, croissants, muffins, pain au chocolate, fresh orange juice, dry cakes, etc.


Some of the breakfast food options at the Buffet at MSC Seashore

The Sports Bar on MSC Seashore has a food menu with the favorites the whole family will love to enjoy. Caesar salad, buffalo chicken wings, nachos, burgers, and apple pie.

There is a true paradise for chocolate lovers of every age and test onboard. Venchi 1878 Chocolate bar and Ice cream satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Venchi 1878 is a famous Italian Chocolate brand that partners with MSC company. Our favorite spot is the Venchi Chocolate Bar on deck 6. The chef chocolatier creates chocolate sculptures, chocolate bars, and pralines through the glass overlooking the kitchen lab. Besides that, their menu includes hot chocolate, gelato cups, and shakes. And at the back of the ship deck 8 by the Infinity Pool, there is a considerable variety of Venchi Ice Creams served in a freshly made crispy cone and many toppings, including gelato stick and praline gelato.

Venchi Bar at deck 6 

Fun activities for kids and families throughout the cruise, including cupcake decoration with the Hotel Director and a deck family party.

Cupcake decoration for the kids with the Hotel Director is enormous fun. He is helping the kids decorate cupcakes with what they love best, with colored frosting, piping bags, candies, marshmallows, and various colored sprinkles.

Cupcake decorations with Hotel director Dr. Yanis Casalis

And a Family deck party with fun games and food for the whole family, fruit carvings, towel folding, an infinite variety of cakes, ice cream, candy apples, chocolate apples, mini pizzas, and finger food.

Plenty of food is on board for all ages and tastes at all times of the day.

So have fun and enjoy your cruise!


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