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So today, I’m going to share with you about our last family break and the table decorations I made. It will appeal to many of you. I have shared these photos on Facebook FB, and seeing the likes I received; I thought it would be nice to share them with you here in my little space. On June 23, my mother-in-law had her name day (St. John’s Day). Her name is Giovanna, do you remember her? From Giovanna’s kitchen.

She made an incredibly inventive dinner for her garden party, even though she had said she wasn’t going to cook many dishes, at the end of dinner we couldn’t find room to try the second cake 😊.


This is the table decoration for Giovanna’s garden party.

I used a disposable utensil to decorate the table. Disposable cutlery is boldly used here in Italy on various occasions and is quite common. I know this might not be acceptable in many countries, but try to imagine how many plates would be utilized and washed after such a party! In Italy, a garden party for 12 persons usually at least four dishes are served for one such luncheon, and 12 people times four words each (appetizer, first dish, main course, and dessert) imagine how many plates are needed! You may ask why you need to use so much because every dish should serve in a different dish. You All know how delicious and refined Italian cuisine is, even if it is a home version.

So, in short, I just wanted to make it clear that in Italy, they are not bothered to use disposable dinnerware, even on a festive table. And as you can see, more fantasy results in many cheerful combinations. But, of course, for holidays such as Christmas, Easter holidays, For weddings and Baptisms, expensive porcelain is a must.


To decorate the table, I used paper napkins in different colors. The ways of folding the napkins are really numerous. I used ideas from YouTube and customized them to meet our needs.


I made these beautiful flowers using different colors of napkins, of course, always taking into account the colors of the tablecloth. Those giant flowers come out as a super practical solution; I strongly recommend them and will tell you why: because, in whatever way you decide to fold your napkins for the cutlery, which in my case Is always metal ones (the cutlery), sometimes the design you may choose could be exciting, but almost unusable. So, those beautiful, flowers provide you with an additional stock of napkins. Just pull the first one from above, and here’s a napkin ready to be used.





Another thing I did, which is also handy, is the double glass – for water and wine. Instead of putting the glasses side by side, I put them inside each other. And it becomes an adorable combination of colors.


Today, many variations of plastic dinnerware, different shapes, colors, and durability exist in the shops and the Internet. But I didn’t have much time to shop; with a toddler at home, it’s pretty tricky for me to do these things, but the moment when he starts to play, my fantasy starts to fly 😊


The second table decoration is for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday.


As seen from the base colors, I have the tablecloth, which is always a fabric one. And according to the colors of the tablecloth, I am choosing and combine the colors of the dinnerware. Of course, always a double cup in two colors and a fabulous flower napkin.






The next celebration will be my son’s birthday. It will be a children’s garden party. The theme he chooses is the Paw Patrol.

Stay tuned for the next table decoration.

Thank you



Svetlana Hristova

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