Italian Ceramics from Amalfitan Coast and Sorrento

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Well, today, I’m going to tell you about the ceramics of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

The oldest evidence of ceramic production on the Amalfi coast dates back to the Neolithic, about 8000 years ago; primitive men made terracotta bowls, then found in the last century in the cave in the 50s of the last century of the gate of Positano.

High-quality works such as pottery, ornamental objects, and cladding majolica result from an artisan activity that dates back to the 5th century BC by the Etruscans. It would testify to a ship recently found in the depths of Panarea: pottery, ceramics, tiles, and jugs were already the subject of intense trade at the time. The production of ceramics never stopped in time; Furnaces and pottery workshops certainly existed in Amalfi during the Middle Ages. Many products, such as dishes, candidates, and white clay bowls, were exported.

As in nearby Naples and Vietri in the eighteenth century, characteristic tiles (riggiole) stand out from the Neapolitan ones for the more tenuous dominant shades as turquoise-gray green-Macero, and mustard yellow. The pottery production denotes its distinct identity in this period, detaching itself from the Neapolitan models for its shape and chromatic appearance where a delicate turquoise stands out.

Amalfi ceramics shop

Amalfi ceramics shop


In the 19th century, to make a fortune of ceramics were evident motifs of “naive” inspiration underlined by vivid and sunny colors that reflect the artisans’ spontaneity and friendliness, which still characterize their productions today.

Among the aspects that have made the coasts of Sorrento and Amalfi famous, there is Art. The production of ceramic works, handcrafted with techniques handed down over the centuries and the refined and colorful Art of Vietri ceramics on the Amalfi Coast.

Shops on the road through Amalfi and Positano


The Amalfi coast colors are closed in the handmade decorated with figures and motifs that reflect Mediterranean life’s culture and style.

Sorrento shops Via San Cesareo

Sorrento shops Via San Cesareo


I fell in love when I first saw them; they look happy and give me positive vibes with their fabulous colors. I found it here in Sorrento, the Ceramica Sorrentina workshop.

Pictures from my archive

All the tableware is handmade by Ceramica Sorrentina here in Sorrento (Piano DI Sorrento, Via San Liborio). Please look at their website; they have fantastic stuff and international shipping.


Table plot my mother-in-law Giovanna bought from Ceramica Sorrentina. She crafted from lava stone dust and hand-painted a fantastic peace gem.


From Sorrento with Love


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