What is fashionable in autumn, winter 20-21?

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Autumn has come, and the winter lends itself around the corner. In this new blog post, I’ll discuss what’s fashionable in autumn-winter 20-21. What is fashionable for autumn-winter 20-21, and what are the current season colors and accessories? There’s no point in going through dramatic outings about everything that is going on around us right now. The situation is this one, and since it takes so long, we must look at it and find the best way to move forward. Just Wear your masks, this is so important at the moment.

The word fashion trend is already a dirty word in fashion circles since we are all much more careful in spending and looking to buy things that we will use for longer. Therefore, I tried to collect materials for the current fashion outfit of the season, which you can achieve with classic autumn or topical models, which you will be able to use not only for one season.


Let me start with the colors.

Which are the colors of the autumn-winter 20-21? I regularly follow Pantone’s predictions http://www.Pantone.com from which all fashion houses worldwide draw inspiration.

Let’s see together the autumn and winter 20-21 colors;



Red -Samba – or more precisely, the bright red, which introduces optimistic energy.




Orange -Amber glow embodies the autumn orange color, promoting self-esteem and creative self-expression.


Sandstone color-this color is associated with nature and speaks of a natural rustic style.



Classic blue -Classic Blue- compare it to the boundless blue hue, reminiscent of the vast And endless evening skies that open us up to the world of possibilities.



Yellow-green – Green Sheen- it is an optimist, bold and sour, a yellow-green shade that will always stand out



Dark pink -Rose Tan – Gentle dark pink gives a sense of calm.



Blue -Green -Ultramarine Green-deeply cooling blue-green exudes self-confidence and balance.



Tile Red -Fired Brick-Strong and sturdy color delivering gravity.



Peach -Peach Nougat- This peach color hugs with its attractive warmth.


Purple -is a Magenta Purple-Hypnotic purple shade, which intrigues and mesmerizes.


And there are the classic colors in this autumn-winter 20-21. These shades are gorgeous in themselves or combinations with other colors; look at them:


Almond oil color – Almond Oil- is a clean, almost white color. In itself elegant but also the perfect shade for many color combinations.



Dark Blue -Blue Depths- this color, which comes close to black, exudes mystery and refinement.



Military green- is an unconditional green shade, which can be the primary color of bolder combinations.



Gray -Sleet -This gray is associated with longevity and classicism. Gray conveys refinement and distinction. It is a fashionable and elegant color; it combines perfectly with pink, blue, or orange palettes.


After we see the colors, let’s look at what is fashionable in autumn, winter 20-21?



The most popular Shoes at the moment are Moccasins and Biker Boots.



Male in heart, but with female allure, we celebrate the glorious return of the Moccasins this season. Of course, Puritans may prefer the model of black leather. Still, it is worth looking at the different ones with the elements of the autumn-winter 20-21 season, those in animal prints, plaid, or in two tons or pastel colors.


Image credit Pinterest


Image credit Pinterest



Biker boots Or Chelsea boots

Image credit Pinterest

It has been a classic in a woman’s wardrobe for several years. But, in this year’s fashion trends, they’re back with great force. In any case, the presence of at least one pair in your wardrobe can be beneficial to keep up with fashion. They somehow convey a youthful appearance and add a sharp note to feminine, romantic outfits. In short, Biker boots or Chelsea boots combine great with skinny jeans, midi or maxi dresses, winter shorts, and my boyfriend jeans.


Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest and Instagram


A few essential accessories can transform simple into stylish if your wardrobe looks boring. Chains-thick chains, light chains, used as jewelry or handbag handles, on shoes, and this season is an accessory sunglass chain.


Fringe- fringed coats and fringed bags


Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


Soft leather handbags and chain handles  and Hobo bag

Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


Soft Woolen long cardigans, woolen dresses, wool sweaters

Image credit Pinterest

Images credit Pinterest

Ted coats, faux fur coats. Teddy coat

Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


Leather Dresses, Leather Trench Coats &  leathers Bermuda shorts.

Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


Puff sleeves of both classic white shirts

and trench coats.


Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


Collar coats

Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


This season we wear our pants inside the boots,

like an equestrian.

Wide-leg trousers tucked into boots. 👢


Image credit Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest


The fashion trends for the autumn-winter 20-21 season

It is so colorful and affordable.

Improvise, love, be trendy, be positive,

and wear your mask 😘 😷


Stay safe




Svetlana Hristova

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