Delicious Lemon-scented Roasted Leg of Lamb, Italian Recipe

Delicious lemon-scented roasted leg of lamb with Mediterranean spices. Perfect for any occasion and feast.          


1 Lamb leg

0,500 kg. Boiled  Potatoes (we used novels)

One big carrot

Rosemary, a large branch

2-3 garlic cloves

Peel off a lemon

Four lemons

2-3 sage leaves

Soy Sauce and a pinch of Curry (not spicy) are optional

250 ml. White wine,

½  glass of Water

One onion

150 gr. Mushrooms

A celery stalk


Glass of oil



  • The night before, smear the Lamb Leg with salt until you whiten it; let it rest through the night. In the morning, rinse it from the salt and squeeze the juice of 3 lemons. Let it rest for another hour, then put it in a pan. Season the Lamb Leg with salt, pepper, oil, one whole lemon cut in half, a few lemon peels, carrots cut in half, the onion cut in half, a stalk of celery and sage, the rosemary branch, a sprinkling of turmeric and Curry, and splash it with 250ml. Of wine mixed with 1/2 glass of water.


  • Cover with silver paper. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees C for a minimum of 3 hours, occasionally turning it on all sides. The lamb leg must be well-roasted on all sides.

  • Once cooked, add the boiled potato and mushrooms and a splash of Soy Sauce. Keep baking till it turns golden brown, as in our picture.

Buon appetito 😊

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