Collagen-the secret weapon in the struggle for youth and beauty

Sparkling look, shiny, silky hair, full lips, beautiful nails, young and shiny skin, yes, this is every woman’s dream. Collagen-some calls it the miracle of beauty and self-confidence. The word collagen comes from the Greek “kolla” and –” den,” which means “glue producer.” Collagen is the main structural protein in the human body; without it, we will not only be beautiful; without it, we will not be healthy. In this article, I would not like to delve into health problems caused by collagen deficiency, but in the most pleasant and fresh part: how to be in perfect appearance thanks to collagen.


With age, natural collagen production decreases-according to data, after 25 years, it decreases by 1.5% per year. After 40, collagen runs out faster than its production, and in 60 years, more than half of collagen is entirely exhausted. That is why collagen is the main “responsible.” for the skin’s beauty and elasticity, a modern super dietary supplement. There are numerous advertisements with various collagen products, each of which promises miracles and magical results. But, before you take one, you can do something more useful for yourself: eat healthily! And get rid of the bad habits that destroy collagen. We have already said that the natural collagen in our body is decreasing with time. Other enemy factors such as excessive intake of refined foods, sugars, and trans fats, even insufficient water intake, stress-strong and prolonged hormonal problems, frequent and unprotected sun exposure, and smoking Are among the collagen enemies of our body. There is a close connection between collagen and a complete and healthy diet.

Foods rich in vitamin C can help the body’s natural collagen production. That’s why there should be vitamin C in your collagen formulas. Another great news and that when a person takes collagen, it also increases natural collagen production in our body. But for this to happen, the body needs another essential element, vitamin C. So it is good to include foods such as cheese, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and fish in your diet. Another straightforward method is consuming foods rich in gelatin, for example, bone broths.

  • Carrots support blood circulation and prevent the degradation of collagen and elastin in the skin. And vitamin A contained in them stimulates collagen production in the body.

  • In addition, the egg – yolk contains collagen. Eggs also contain sulfur that supports collagen synthesis. Avocado-successfully fights wrinkles and spots on the skin protect the skin from free radicals. So avocado oil is essential for the skin.

  • Beans- are rich in hyaluronic acid and zinc, which stimulates collagen production.

  • Turkey-turkey meat contains L Carnosine, which slows down the skin’s aging process and is also rich in zinc.

Don’t forget to add functional proteins (chicken, beef, and fish) and fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to your diet. Following these simple rules, very soon, your skin will have a silky effect, you will improve your vision, and have lush hair.

How to choose the best collagen?

The truth is that a hectic lifestyle often does not allow us to pay sufficient attention to food components for targeted collagen intake. Therefore, dietary supplements are a practical and economical source of collagen and often contain other beneficial substances. Collagen and vitamin C, as already mentioned in the article, are essential for collagen production. Therefore, make sure it has vitamin C when choosing a collagen supplement. The market offers a wide range of products of different quality, content, and the last but no less important, other components’ presence. When choosing, keep in mind that many dietary supplements are complex. You will often find minerals and vitamins in them, things not to be overlooked. Check the composition, which shows how much collagen you take in a product dose. My personal experience on the subject: in the last years, I have tested several brands of collagen supplements; here is the list with my favorite once:

Vital Proteins – different tastes good to add to a smoothie

Dose and Co – Outstanding. Visible effects in a short time. They come in different flavors and are excellent for smoothies and coffee.

Collagen PEP – Outstanding. Visual effects in a short time.



Svetlana Hristova

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