Fish in a Crazy water Italian Recipe

The Fish in Crazy water is a typical Neapolitan recipe. It is a centuries-old way of cooking fish whose name may refer to seawater used by anglers to cook their catch while still at sea. “Acqua pazza” literally is translated as crazy water. By crazy water, this means “bubbly water,” as in simmering water. Pezzogna is a fish from the Dentici family, found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Naples. It has a delicate flavor and lends itself to many other recipes. This recipe goes perfectly with any fresh fish too. 🐟


Ingredients for two-person:

One fresh fish of 800-900gr (in our case, pezzogna)

350ml water

100ml white wine

One clove of garlic (optional you can put more to your taste)



Black Pepper

Olive Oil




  • Place the fish (previously clean) in a reasonably large pan and the oil.


  • Add the garlic, the cherry tomatoes, cut in half, and the chopped parsley.


  • After that, pour the white wine and water, salted and pepper.


  • Start cooking, covering the pan with the lid or silver paper.


  • Let it cook over medium heat for 20 min as soon as the skin starts to peel off. Then, “Crazy Water,” the water must simmer.


  • Debone the fish before serving. You can use a spoon and a fork to do this. The skin and bones will come away very quickly.


  • Here is a video on how you can easily debone a cooked fish using a fork and spoon.


  • Serve the Fish in Crazy water still warm.

Accompanied with the sauce from the pan and a glass of fresh Italian white wine🍷


Buon appetito😊


Svetlana Hristova

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