Fried egg yolk with Spinach by Chef Carlo Cracco

Delicious and easy to prepare. An Italian Michelin-Starred chef Carlo Cracco, has created this fried yolk recipe. It is breaded, and fried yolk served with a stir-fried spinach nest with pine nuts and raisins.


Ingredients for one serving:

Egg yolk 1

Bread crumbs as much as needed or about 50g for each yolk

Spinach 400g

Raisins 10g (Emerge the raisins

In a glass of water for a couple of minutes)

Pine nuts 10g

Evo oil two tablespoons


Frying oil



The procedure:

  • In a small bowl (if they are more, you will have to use a bowl for each yolk), put a little breadcrumb, after which you make a small dimple in the bread crumbs. Then, carefully divide the yolk from the egg white and insert only the yolk into the bowl. Be careful not to break it. After that, cover the yolk with plenty of breadcrumbs.

  • Let the yolk rest for at least two hours.


  • Wash and clean the spinach.

  • In a pan, heat the olive oil and add the spinach.

  • Add salt to test.

  • Cook the spinach for a couple of minutes till they soften.



  • Meanwhile, toast the pine nuts in a pan.

  • Add the pine nuts and raisins (without the water) to the spinach.



  • Adjust salt.

  • Then take the bowl with the yolk, remove some bread on the surface, and gently slide the breaded yolk on your palm.


  • Dip it in a pan with plenty of hot oil and fry it for 30 seconds on each side.


  • Salt and serve over the spinach bed.

Buon Appetito😊

Svetlana Hristova

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