Paw Patrol Birthday Party Decorations

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I had a fabulous Tuesday last week. My son turned three, and we had a party. I’ve been very excited to make his birthday a memorable occasion for him. Now he is old enough to understand and know what he likes. The second year in a row, my son asked for a “Torta Chase” for his party (cake with Chase, Chase is one of the puppies from the Paw Patrol squad)

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Ok, ok, here I need to confess: on his second birthday last year, I had chosen the Paw Patrol theme as this was one of his favorite cartoons at that time, and he said he wanted “Torta” Chase again.

His wish is my command 🙂

I had the theme; I had the best chef Giovanna (from Giovanna’s kitchen), so we started to plan the kids’ party. I began to prepare a month before. First, I needed to have a clear idea of what I would need to decorate the garden and have enough time to get them ordered from amazon; then, I looked troughs Pinterest for inspiration.

First, we decided that the food and beverage should be buffet self-service style for adults and kids. We had prepared three stations with F&B: Welcome buffet (Aperitivo), Main buffet, and Kids’ buffet. We had split the food preparation between us. Giovanna took care of the dishes for the Main buffet, and I would do the Welcome buffet and Kids buffet.


Then we figured out the invitation list, and I prepared the invitations and mailed them. I used free download templates paw patrol.


For my son’s Paw Patrol birthday party, I had some decorations left from the Paw Patrol party last year. So, I had put everything on the table and started to plan the rest of the decoration. There was enough time to make some homemade decorations and print, cut, and assemble the hamburger and hot dog boxes. I made Goody bags with treats and thank you cards for all the participant kids. In the goody bags, kids received a lot of different treats and small toys such as balls, jumping frogs, clapping hands, whistles, maracas, and many smaller funny toys. I had nicely arranged the goodie bags in a lovely basket near the present station.


I had arranged a small kid’s playground in the garden with a slide, swing, small pool, many-colored balls, and bounce pool. And, of course, balloons a lot of balloons in many different colors and Paw Patrol shapes.


I inflated the balloons by myself the night before (my son loves to pop the balloons, so I waited for him to fall asleep, and I started blowing up the balloons. I guess there were more than 120 all around the garden!




My son was excited to see all his favorite characters around the garden and among his friends. From every corner, the Paw Patrol balloons were present and visible. Everyone had fun a lot of fun. The kids were enjoying the pool and refreshing everyone with the water guns 😊


For the welcome buffet, I had prepared a different “Tartine.” with pâtĂ© from olives and truffles, pâtĂ© from tuna fish 🐟, marlin, salmon, salami, cream cheese with herbs and fresh chives (Erba cipollini), cream cheese with blue cheese and black caviar. And more there was baked mixed salted puff pastry, little hot dogs, spinach and ricotta cheese and ricotta and carrots. As a drink, party mix, and chips, of course, the Italian aperitif Aperol spritz, Spumante, and different flavor fruit juices.


Giovanna went above and beyond with the delicious dishes she had prepared for us.

The summer days are hot here, that’s why for the main buffet, she had prepared a lot of different light summer dishes such as “melanzane a cubetti”, frialieli alla piazzaiola, pepperoni zia Maria (olives and capers), panzerotti, Croque di patate , olive ascolane, mozzareline fritte, Arancini with rise. More Ravioli with fresh bio cherry tomato sauce from our garden, pizza Rustica Rustic Pizza, gato di patate, rise salad, spelled salad, and vittelo tonato ( sliced veal with tuna sauce). I used cute food tags (found them in the free downloading sites.)



The kids’ table was full of treats for the little ones (even the grown ones were sneaking 😊 in there) hamburgers, hot dogs, brioche con la Nutella, muffins, and popcorn.


We had many other sweets Giovanna had prepared, such as BabĂ  (traditional Neapolitan wet cake), cake pears and ricotta, muffins, and the Paw Patrol birthday cake. She is the grandmother of 4 grandsons, and she loves to make birthday cakes for all of them. She made a beautiful Paw Patrol Cake, and my son loved it!! I can’t thank her enough for it.


The party continued with the Pinata.


Oh my, they had a lot of fun hitting the Pinata. In the end, when the Piata broke, big and small were running collecting the treats. My son seemed to have a lot of fun with his friends and cousins. After the Pinata and the birthday cake, Dario opened his presents.


I like to mention that all the glasses and plates were plastic ones and for the kids and the birthday cake, I had used the paper ones with the theme of the party Paw Patrol.


We had enjoyed the most beautiful show, which nature could gift us on this day, the magnificent Sorrento sunset!


The sunset down here is not from that day but deserves to be shared.



I wish I would have had the chance to take more photos, but I was busy making sure our guests were all happy. It was all worth it to see my son having so much fun. And I am glad he loved everything. We feel blessed to have such a fantastic family 👪 and friends to celebrate together. Happy birthday, my sweet little angel 👼


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Svetlana Hristova

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